Diversity and Access

At Georgetown, we take pride in having a multicultural global community, with our students coming from all fifty states, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands as well as over 130 different countries, with about 40% of our students self-identifying as students of color.

GAAP Students volunteer to be DEI Chairs within the organization! All these Chairs are available to answer any questions about what it is like to be a Georgetown student.

DEI Chairs

School of Health (SOH)
Year: 2026
Major: Human Science
Hometown: Carmel, IN
High School: Carmel High School
Activities: GAAP, National Alzheimers Buddies, GUMSHOE, SOH SAM

Hi everyone! I’m Tala Assaf and I am a sophomore Human Science major in the School of Health! Something I am super excited about for my sophomore year is that I get to be a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair for GAAP this year! I am originally from Carmel, Indiana but have truly found a home here on the Hilltop. I have genuinely found a second family here at Georgetown and I want to help you all feel the same way. I am here to answer any and all questions about finding a community at Georgetown, affinity groups on campus, Taylor Swift, and literally anything and everything! Do not hesitate to reach out.
E-mail:  ta616@georgetown.edu

School of Foreign Service (SFS)
Year: 2026
Major: Science, Technology, and International Affairs
Hometown: Madison, WI
High School: Madison West High School
Activities: GAAP, Hoya Blue, GlobeMed, SFS Peer Advisor

Hello everyone! My name is Maddie, and I’m a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) and minoring in Economics on the pre-med track. I was born and raised in Madison, WI. At Georgetown, beyond GAAP, I’m involved in Hoya Blue, Georgetown’s official student section. We attend soccer, basketball, football, and other sports games to cheer on the Hoyas. Additionally, I’m a member of GlobeMed, a global health organization on campus, I’m a peer advisor in the SFS, and I play intramural soccer. In my free time, I love exploring the Georgetown neighborhood and the rest of DC, from going on runs and walks, to finding new off-campus study spots, to trying different restaurants, to perusing museums, to catching DC sports games. What I love about Georgetown is that there is a place for every interest imaginable—there’s somewhere for every student to discover and deepen their passions. The diversity within the student body—of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexuality, ability, and opinion, among others—is what makes Georgetown great! I have learned so much in my time here from people whose backgrounds are different from mine. Coming to Georgetown last year, I was worried about the transition from my large public high school to a place with people from all over the world with life experiences very different from my own, but I have found that being surrounded by this diverse group of peers has been one of the most valuable parts of my college experience. It was difficult transitioning away from the comfort of my identity at home to an entirely new place where I had to define who I was on my own (and from home-cooked adobo and fried rice to dining hall food), but it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the Hilltop. It has been amazing to learn from expert professors, listen to incredible speakers, and take advantage of all that Georgetown has to offer. Please reach out to me with any questions! Hoya saxa!
E-mail:  ta616@georgetown.edu

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Year: 2026
Major: Economics and Government
Hometown: Lindstrom, MN
High School: Chisago Lakes High School
Activities: GAAP, Innovo Consulting, Club Basketball, MBA Admissions Operations Assistant

Hi, my name is Greta Gillach, and I’m from a small town in Minnesota called Lindstrom (about an hour north of Minneapolis)! I am an economics and government double major in the College of Arts and Sciences, and I am super excited to be a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair this year for GAAP! I have absolutely loved my time here on the Hilltop and all of the people I’ve met along the way! I can’t wait to share that experience with prospective students and answer any questions you may have about Georgetown! I am happy to talk about the transition to college, living in DC, clubs on campus, or anything else! Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Hoya Saxa!
E-mail:  grg38@georgetown.edu

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Year: 2027
Major: History and Political Economy
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
High School: Issaquah High School
Activities: GAAP, Philodemic Society

Hello future Hoyas! My name is Marcus Heu-Weller. I am a Washington-state native (Go Huskies!) and a first year student in the College of Arts and Sciences. Adjusting to Georgetown was definitely a challenge especially coming from the west coast. In particular, having grown up in a strong Asian community transitioning to a predominantly white institution was quite jarring. However, the resources and opportunities at Georgetown are absolutely worth the struggles. Whether in the Philodemic society debating the ethical implications of technological innovation or learning about the inner workings of government from professional political operatives in the McCourt Fellows program, Georgetown always has something unique and fascinating for me to do. Not to mention, the greater DC area hosts a plethora of fantastic adventures–the Smithsonian Museums, the Kennedy Center, and National monuments just to name a few–which are in easy reach from campus. If you have questions about adjusting to life at Georgetown, or even just college in general, please feel free to reach out!
E-mail:  mmh199@georgetown.edu

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Year: 2026
Major: History
Hometown: Moraga, CA
High School: Campolindo High School
Activities: GAAP, H*yas for Choice, AASA, VSA

Hi future Hoyas! My name is Sammi Huebner and I am a sophomore in the College majoring in history and minoring in German and Government. I’m from Moraga, California, a small suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. While I am most definitely a Californian, I absolutely love living in DC. Georgetown has amazing professors, an unbeatable location, and most importantly, great people. The friends I have made have defined my experience at Georgetown in the best way possible. I’ve been exposed to so many new people and perspectives at Georgetown. Georgetown’s Catholic affiliation was something I was worried about, as someone who is not Catholic or religious, but I have felt the positives of Georgetown’s Catholicism through the infusion of Jesuit values into coursework. I have also found great avenues of support, especially surrounding identity. I am a member of the Asian American Student Association and the Vietnamese Student Association, two groups that help to foster identity and belonging on campus! While my identity is so much more than my ethnicity, I appreciate the resources that Georgetown offers on that front. I feel at home at Georgetown and I hope it becomes home for you too! Please feel free to reach out with any questions about Georgetown—I’d love to chat!
E-mail:  smh378@georgetown.edu

School of Health (SOH)
Year: 2027
Major: Global Health with Pre-med
Hometown: Yorktown, VA
High School: Hampton Roads Academy
Activities: GAAP, No Lost Generation, AASA, ICS, GUMAPS

Hi Future Hoyas! My name is Aarman, and I am from Yorktown, Virginia. I’m a freshman in the School of Health majoring in Global Health on the Pre-med track. At Georgetown, I am involved in GAAP as a DEI chair and No Lost Generation as part of the outreach committee. As a half-Indian, half-Iranian student, I am excited to be a part of the cultural clubs AASA and ICS. They allow me to explore my culture in ways I never have. I will admit that I was a little nervous to attend a prestigious university because the whole college process was a new experience for my family. But the transition to Georgetown has been nothing short of amazing. If you have any questions about my experience or anything else, feel free to reach out. I can’t wait to get to know all of you and hope to see you on campus!
E-mail:  ak2255@georgetown.edu​​

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Year: 2027
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
High School: Ridgewood High School
Activities: GAAP, 1634 Society, H*yas For Choice

Hello future Hoyas! My name is Tristan Perkins (she/her), and I am a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. Although I am currently undeclared, I am planning to major in Government and minor in Journalism with a specialty in Digital Media. As I have lived in North Jersey my whole life, making the transition to Georgetown only four hours away was simple: the drastic change in seasons came as a shock to some of my southern friends, but I promise the DC heat isn’t too bad! I have always loved everything about Georgetown, as my dad was a Hoya, and attending events such as campus tours and GAAP really solidified my love for this school and my desire to attend Georgetown. There are clubs and activities for everyone here at Georgetown, and personally being a trustee in the 1634 Society has been able to connect me with alumni, as well as giving me the opportunity to take part in hosting events for Georgetown’s entire student body, like Tradition’s Day during Homecoming Weekend. My favorite activities to do outside of Georgetown’s beautiful campus include taking a walk down to the waterfront and going out to eat at the vast array of restaurants with my friends. Though the transition from high school to college could be overwhelming, the Georgetown community makes it super easy to feel at home. Georgetown truly is home to me, and I hope you all will feel the same! HOYA SAXA!!
E-mail:  tp591@georgetown.edu​​

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Year: 2026
Major: American Studies, Sociology
Hometown: Newton, MA
High School: Newton North High School
Activities: GAAP, The Georgetown Voice, WGTB Georgetown Radio, H*yas for Choice

Hey folks! My name is Olivia Pozen, and I’m a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences considering a double major in American studies and sociology. I’m from Newton, Massachusetts––about 15 minutes outside Boston. When I’m not volunteering for GAAP, you can find me writing and editing for the Georgetown Voice, indoctrinating my listeners with my favorite “girl music” songs during my radio show, engaging in campus activism, or struggling through readings for one of my myriad humanities classes. During my college process, I remember being wary of Georgetown’s identity as a Jesuit university. The Catholic Church, throughout history, has not been particularly kind to marginalized groups (including some that I identify with), and I worried that this culture would permeate everyday life at Georgetown. I still certainly stand at odds with the university on many issues, and the school has a long way to go until our student body is adequately diverse. However, I’ve come to believe that Georgetown’s strength lies in its student body. Here, I’ve met and become friends with people from across the globe, each with their own perspectives and backgrounds on life, and I’ve learned so much from each of them. As a result, I think I’ve grown as a person, and I encourage incoming students to put themselves out there and do the same.
E-mail:  omp18@georgetown.edu​​

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Year: 2027
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Carmel, IN
High School: Carmel High School
Activities: GAAP, NAACP, Hoyas for Choice

Hi future Hoyas! My name is Samantha Suggs, and I am a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am currently undeclared, but interested in studying Psychology and Justice and Peace Studies. I am from Carmel, IN where I attended Carmel High School. Back home, I was involved in competitive show choir, Jack and Jill of America Inc., Best Buddies, BSA, National Honor Society, and my high school’s freshman mentorship program. In addition to my role as DEI Chair in GAAP, I am Georgetown’s NAACP chapter’s Political Action Chair, a Dorm Representative and member of the Hoyas for Choice Advocacy Team, and a member of BACH for lovers of the Bachelor franchise. I have only been at Georgetown for a few months, but have loved my experience as well as the students and professors I have met thus far. There are so many wonderful people and opportunities here at Georgetown, but I know there are still measures we can take to ensure students of every background feel included and celebrated on campus. My experience at a high school where students of color made up a very small percentage of the student body birthed my passion for promoting diversity and empowering students of all identities to thrive in challenging, academic environments. Not knowing if there are spaces on campus where individuals of different backgrounds and abilities feel safe and accepted can weigh heavily on your college decision. I want you to know that Georgetown is a place where you can be successful and happy. You will love being a Hoya and the DEI Chairs are working hard to make sure you and all students feel seen and welcome here. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the Georgetown community. Good luck and Hoya Saxa!
E-mail:  sds150@georgetown.edu​​

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Year: 2026
Major: Biology of Global Health
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
High School: Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School
Activities: GAAP, GUMSHOE

Hi prospective Hoyas! My name is Penelope, and I’m a sophomore in college studying Biology of Global Health and minoring in Italian (and maybe on the pre-med track). I’m from Bethesda, Maryland, so not too far from the Hilltop. This year, I am super excited to be a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion chair for GAAP! Since coming to Georgetown, I have absolutely fallen in love with DC and all of the people that I have met so far. I am so grateful to call Georgetown my second home, and am looking forward to meeting you all and answering any questions you may have about coming to Georgetown! Feel free to reach out with any questions about clubs and activities on campus, living in DC, finding a community on the Hilltop, restaurant recommendations, or literally anything else! Hoya Saxa!
E-mail:  psx2@georgetown.edu​​

Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA)

The CMEA provides a place and space for academic support, dialogue, multicultural programming, diversity education, and inspiring interest in higher education to youth. Georgetown is a place where students can think critically about their social identities as they chart their academic and professional journey. We are proud of our students and alumni who have been engaged in advocacy and activism about issues of social justice abroad, nationally, and locally. Below are some different Georgetown groups and institutions that support our students and serve as resources to our community.

The Georgetown Scholars Program

The Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP) is not a program that students can apply to, rather, students are selected during the admissions process by an external committee. Participants are selected based on certain characteristics, with a preference for high achieving students from a first-generation and low-income background.

The Black House

Over 50 years ago, a small group of Black students in the Black Student Alliance (BSA) staged a protest in front of the University president’s office with several demands. Through their efforts, the Black House was established in 1970, a space where Black students could come be in community for impactful discussions or simply to socialize. Today, the Black House remains one of the few dedicated places on campus where all students, and especially Black students, can gather to talk about issues and meet one another. Each year, five students are selected to live as residents in Black House. Black House residents are encouraged to design programs to promote, foster and acknowledge diversity and community on campus whether they’re weekly Hour Glass discussions on current events and topics relevant to the community, a voter registration program, or cultural celebrations. The Black House is open to students regardless of race or ethnicity.

La Casa Latina

Through the support of the Latinx Leadership Forum (LLF), a coalition of various student organizations, La Casa Latina was established in 2016. La Casa Latina is a centralized location of inclusivity in which students can share their narratives and access resources integral to success on the Hilltop, with a particular focus on students who identify as Latinx. In addition, La Casa Latina will provide a platform for engagement in vital discussions about the intersectionality of race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender, ability, privilege, and power within the Latinx identity. In order to unite all members of the Latinx community and their allies, Casa Latina will ensure that students feel not only welcomed at Georgetown, but also feel empowered to grow and flourish in all-encompassing aspects of the collegiate community. La Casa Latina also has five residents each year and hosts a variety of programs such as a Latinx-style kick-off BBQ, a noche de baile, and a panel on Latinx Identity here at Georgetown. La Casa Latina is open to students regardless of race or ethnicity.

Students of Color Alliance

The Students of Color Alliance (SOCA) is a collaborative umbrella organization formed by representatives from the cultural groups on campus such as the African Society of Georgetown, Asian American Students Association, The Black House, Black Student Alliance (BSA), Caribbean Culture Circle (CCC), La Casa Latina, GU Circle of Indigenous Students’ Alliance (GU CISA), Chinese Student Alliance, Club Filipino (CF), Georgetown University Riqueza Dominicana, GU Hawaii Club, GU Minority Association of Pre-Health Studies (GU MAPS), GU Women of Color (GUWoC), Minority Pre-Law Association (MPLA), Mosaic, Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán (MEChA), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Native American Student Council, Queer People of Color, Taiwanese American Student Association, and other groups serving students of color at Georgetown. SOCA aims to unite students of color and their allies through collaborative programming opportunities, advocacy, and financial support.  SOCA and its various organizations are open to all students regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other protected class.

Undocumented Student Resources

Georgetown University values the dignity of all members of the university community, regardless of immigration status. We are a university in the heart of the nation’s capital and believe in educating the whole person through exposure to different faiths, cultures and beliefs. An estimated 65,000 children born abroad who are not U.S. citizens or legal residents graduate from U.S. high schools each year. As we engage with the impacts of globalization and the responsibilities we have in a new global context, we must, as educators, support all of our students, including those who were born abroad. To learn more about support for undocumented students, or if you know of students needing support, please contact the undocuhoyas@georgetown.edu.

LGBTQ+ Resource Center

The LGBTQ Resource Center, with its focus on supporting and serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning individuals, and their allies, is the first such Center of its kind at a Catholic/Jesuit institution in the country. They have sought to build on the rich interfaith and intellectual engagements of Georgetown to create a Center that will speak to all of us in all of our rich diversity. We hope that insights from current students, a peek into the resources we have here at Georgetown, and a snapshot of our popular student groups will help you imagine the possibilities that lie ahead for you as part of the Georgetown community.  The LGBTQ center welcomes all students, regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center supports and empowers students at Georgetown. Women are the majority of the student body, yet are often marginalized in the classroom and campus experiences. As a result, the Women’s Center seeks to center the experience of women and educate the entire campus about gender dynamics that impact campus culture. We seek to create a more equitable campus for a more expansive notion of gender and gender roles. We serve students of all gender identities.

Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action

The mission of the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action is to promote a deep understanding and appreciation among the diverse members of the University community to result in justice and equality in educational, employment and contracting opportunities, as well as to lead efforts to create an inclusive academic and work environment. The Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action supports the University’s mission.

The Academic Resource Center

Each student, faculty, and staff member brings with them diverse identities and unique experiences that enhance our community in incredible ways. To truly speak of the Jesuit value of cura personalis or “care of the whole person,” we must acknowledge and celebrate one another’s diversity as well as the importance of building a community committed to diversity, inclusion, and social and racial justice for all. With cura personalis at its core, the Academic Resource Center supports Georgetown students in three distinct ways while honoring each student’s individuality, diversity, and lived experiences. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers disability support, student-athlete support, and academic support.